Hospital acquired infections, which are also known as healthcare associated infections (HAIs), are a significant concern. They are caused by viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens. Such infection can be acquired in hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home and other clinical settings.

According to WHO, of every 100 hospitalized patients at any given time, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least one health care-associated infection. Reducing hospital acquired infections by improving indoor environmental quality across the enterprise can help reduce the chances of cross infection among patients, visitors and medical staff.

Active Oxygen is a natural gas that is known to effectively kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Medklinn patented Cerafusion technology emits massive amount of active oxygen to sterilize, reduce and eliminate cross infection and unpleasant odor in such settings continuously 24/7 without chemicals. Active Oxygen is effective in dealing with air and surface disinfection.

“I  care about the safety for my patients and my staff that’s why I installed the Air+Surface Sterilizer in my clinic.”

Dr. Quek Li Yun
Consultant Paediatrician
Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Ceria

“Future patients would want to see doctors investing air sterilization equipment for them to feel safe before they receive treatment.”


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