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5 Reasons Why Customer Choose Cerafusion™ Technology

By Admin • April 6, 2023

CerafusionTM is a breakthrough patented technology that is a high sustainable and non-chemical methodology to improve hygiene efficiently and cost-effectively, creating safer indoor air and surfaces.


1) Proven Beyond the Lab 

Two highly renowned international German Institutions – Fraunhofer Institute and HygCen Germany have proven the effectiveness and efficiency of CerafusionTM Technology in the real world.

  • Fraunhofer Institute

    CineCov Study by Fraunhofer Institute

CerafusionTM Technology was selected for the CineCov Study funded by German Federal Government of Culture and the Media and conducted by Fraunhofer Institute, Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. The study was conducted to identify an effective solution to minimize the spread of virus in large public spaces.

Find out more here CineCove study by Fraunhofer Institute.

  • HygCen Germany
Efficacy Test by HygCen Germany

HygCen Germany GmbH, an independent research institute certified by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) with EN ISO/ IEC 17025 accreditation for disinfectants and medical devices. The objective of the study was to test the effectiveness of Cerafusion™ Technology in deactivating airborne germs (aerosols) in an enclosed room using safe and controlled low level of ozone.

Find out more here Efficacy Test Result by HygCen, Germany.

2) Eliminate up to 99.9% of a broad range of Allergens, Pathogens and Pollutants. 


CerafusionTM Technology creates Active Oxygen (which produces controlled low level of ozone) to fill up any enclosed space for effective sterilization. It has been scientifically proven by numerous studies to eliminate up to 99.9% of airborne and surface-bound pollutants, such as:

  1. Viruses
  2. Bacteria
  3. Allergens
  4. Mould 

3) Deliver Effective Coverage with 

The Epidemic Task Force of ASHRAE (Malaysia Chapter) recommends controlled low ozone concentration of 0.05ppm ambient as a supplementary solution to achieve the prescribed ventilation rate of 10L/s per person for enclosed indoor environments.

They developed the Ventilation Calculator (MVC) to help professionals identify the most cost-effective and efficient solution to meet World Health Organization (WHO) and Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) guidelines. The MVC clearly indicates CerafusionTM provides the fastest reduction in viral load in the most cost-effective manner.

Cerafusion™ Technology truly excels in the speed at which it eliminates pathogens and pollutants, from spaces as small as a car to spaces as large as a casino. 

Click here to know more MASHARE Ventilation Calculator (MVC)

4) Sustainable, Safe and Chemical-Free

Cerafusion™ Technology emulates mother nature by harnessing one of nature’s most powerful, efficient, and safe disinfectants – Active Oxygen (which produces controlled low level of ozone). Ozone consists of 3 oxygen atoms with a half-life of 20 minutes. If it is not used it reverts to oxygen, making Cerafusion™ a highly sustainable methodology. Cerafusion™ Technology is safe to use as it complies with WHO and OSHA guidelines. It meets with the International Safety Standards for controlled low ozone concentration of 0.05ppm and is safe to use in the presence of human beings. Naturally, it is chemical free as Cerafusion™ creates Active Oxygen from oxygen.

5) Sterilizes more than just Air

Pathogens, mould and allergens are present in both the air and surfaces. A more complete and effective process for safer indoor spaces must therefore include sterilizing the air we share and the surfaces we touch.

Cerafusion™ fills the entire space with Active Oxygen and as it comes into contact with surfaces like furnishings, curtains and cushions, it eliminates the pathogens, moulds and pollutants both in the air and also on surfaces.

For complete sterilization of indoor space, the performance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of Cerafusion™ Technology is unsurpassed.

Click here for Air+Surface Sterilization Fact Sheet

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