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How To Get Rid of Pet Smells

By Admin • October 19, 2018
How To Get Rid of Pet Smells

We all love our pets to the moon and back. We get so much joy from them. But, one thing we shouldn’t be getting a lot of is their smell. It’s easy to become insensitive to their smells when we enjoy them so much, but a house that smells of pet is not truly a healthy house, nor is it one that people love to visit either. Love does not mean living in someone’s smell.

Getting rid of pet smells masterfully can be broken down into two large steps:
1) Commit to logical procedures
2) The super smart pro tactic

Logical Procedures

The logical procedures are about cleaning the sources of the bad pet smells. You may have to break a little sweat, but it’s really the unavoidable start to the journey of getting rid of pet smell.

Vacuum everything. Floor, carpets, rugs, pillows, cushions, furniture, beds and anywhere or anything else that may have remnant traces of your pet (your pet may not sleep in your bookshelf, but there may be hair there gathering up with dust on your bottom shelves!).

Tackle new and old areas of pet messes with a good enzyme cleaner. Improper cleaning from days, weeks, months, even years ago can be a source of bad odor that you have just become accustomed to living with, and you need to root those out. Enzyme cleaners are able to breakdown the proteins from various biological materials such as urine, feces and vomit and get rid of their odors.

Clean carpets and various upholstery you have around your house that may have been the subject of an unwanted mishap. Carpet shampoos, baking soda, fabric cleaners, leather cleaners are all good weapons to have in your arsenal, but always make sure you are using the right product for the right surface (check to see if water/detergents can be used or if dry cleaning is necessary, and always do a small spot check if you are not sure). Professional steaming or cleaning should be considered a smart option if you think some serious deep cleaning is needed.

Wash your pet’s bed (and wash your own bed too if your pet sleeps there). Clean the covers per instruction (most can be machine washed and dried), but also make sure to never forget the insides as that is where so much of the smell is entrenched. You can cover the foam/stuffing/mattress with baking soda and vacuum it off after letting it sit while the cover is being cleaned. If your pet is in a cage and not a bed, then that will need proper cleaning too by the removal and scrub down of everything in it.

Not only clean what is deposited in litter boxes, but clean out the entire litter box frequently and regularly as well. If emptying the litter box and washing it down with soapy water doesn’t seem to do the job, try spraying or filling it with vinegar (or vinegar and water mix solution) and letting that sit for a while. Wash again, and dry out afterwards.

And don’t forget to wash your pet’s toys and clothes. Machine wash and tumble or sun dry fabric items and soak plastics etc in warm soapy water (or try the vinegar trick again if some odors are putting up a bad fight).


The Super Smart Pro Tactic

The super smart pro tactic is to oxidize the bad pet smells. Oxidizing is another way of saying destroying and removing smell at a molecular level. This should be done with smells in the air as well as smells on all surfaces (because we know that pet smells mostly live in surfaces). And this should be done continuously 24/7 so that bad pet smells never get the chance to accumulate. The beauty of oxidizing is that it’s the most effective way to eliminate smell, and in involves no physical labor.


All you have to do is plug in a Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer.
Medklinn’s patented Cerafusion technology works by emitting Active Oxygen into your living spaces continuously 24/7, which oxidizes and eliminates even the toughest bad pet smells from the air AND from all surfaces. Medklinn is capable of disinfecting the causes of bad pet smells, whether they be from hair, dander, bacteria, body odor or body waste. Medklinn is not an air freshener, air filter or air purifier, nor does it use any chemicals or fragrances whatsoever – making it the safest way to keep your your house clean and healthy and smelling fresh all day, every day.

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